What We Do: Manage

Whether assessing the value of your timber, designing a harvest to meet your goals, or mapping the key features of your property, our knowledgeable, dependable and trustworthy foresters are at your service. Every property is unique -- let us tailor an approach to management that works best for you!


-Forest planning
-Timber inventory/cruising
-Harvest design and tree marking
-Financial projections
-Hire contractors and supervise work
-Log marketing
-Log accounting
-Forest restoration projects
-Forest road design,  construction, and repair



We provide a full range of forestry services. What sets us apart is our approach to the business of consulting forestry. First and foremost, when you become our client, we become your agent, representing your interests in any forestry transactions. This includes complete financial transparency and our total dedication to meeting your goals, which often involve a balance of financial and ecological considerations. Our commitment to you and your land is not short-term. Many of our clients have been with us for generations.